Community Responds To Talks Of Closing Skyview Pool

Public testimony was heard last night during the KPBSD School Board meeting, in response to discussions about the possibility of closing the Skyview pool in an attempt to cut excessive spending.


Superintendent Dr. Steve Atwater explained why this issue has come up.


Dr. Steve Atwater: “The issue is that we have an enormous multi-million dollar budget gap and the district needs to find savings and it doesn’t make any sense to have two swimming pools in the Soldotna area and certainly I recognize that this is a benefit that we would like to have so the board will be reviewing this and debating whether or not it makes sense to have those two pools two miles apart.”


One such participant in the discussion was Dr. Nels Anderson who said this pool is too useful to close.


Dr. Anderson:” I believe its a community resource for many different things, I’ve had a number of physicians talk to me at the hospital for example about keeping it open for physical therapy and raising the water temperature three or four degrees. My wife has taught¬†arthritis classes there in the past, a lot of our patients now have to go to Nikiski to get the water therapy they need and it would be nice if they didn’t have to travel so far but there’s a lot of other groups that use it cardiac rehab, orthopedic rehab that’s just from a medical stand point, completely apart from the learn to swim activities, the master swimming, the senior swimming and things that are already being done.”

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