Community Rallies to Find Indy After Fatal Accident

indy dogComfort from tragedy as the community of Kenai rallies around the family of Gavin Koester-Backstrom who died in a car accident early yesterday morning.



The 28-year-old’s Nissan Pathfinder left the Kenai Spur Highway around mile 5 at midnight,  and his dog, Indy, hasn’t been seen since.



Koester-Backstrom’s girlfriend Kimberly Perkovich has been looking for the brindle Pit Bull-Boxer mix, and she’s not the only one…



Perkovich: “The support has been absolutely amazing. We have people who are absolutely strangers helping out. Yesterday, when we were searching in the morning, a guy showed up with his dog, just randomly, and helped us search. I’ve had people who, if they can’t help search, they bring coffee and whatnot for people who are out there. It’s just been a tremendous support, and muchly appreciated.”


Facebook posts about Indy have been shared hundreds of times on Facebook. Perkovich said at any given time there are at least half a dozen searchers, and a local realtor has allowed food and water to be kept at an empty house in the area, in case Indy is looking for shelter.


Perkovich said it’s touching to see the kindness.


Perkovich: “Absolutely unexplainable. That’s all I really can say. It’s just been completely unexplainable and very much appreciated.”


Perkovich said they’re hoping to find Indy, or at least understand what happened to her during the accident. Anyone with information can leave a comment for Perkovich on this story, or call her at 303-656-8311.


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