Community Health Needs Assessment Released by CPH

Posted: July 12, 2013 at 12:16 pm

The process in which Central Peninsula Hospital will address the needs identified in the 2012 Community Health Needs Assessment is outlined in the comprehensive Implementation Plan. That plan is now available for public review online or at the Executive Administration office at the Soldotna hospital.


In early 2012, CPH contracted with the University of New England Center for Community and Public Health to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment to form the basis from which to effectively plan future health services for the Central Peninsula area.

The key health findings and recommendations contained in this CHNA report have provided the foundation for a broader conversation with hospital and community stakeholders regarding which health needs are of highest priority for the hospital to address.

These stakeholders included representation from the CPH Medical Staff, the Central Peninsula Service Area Board, community members, the CPGH, Inc. Board, and CPH Administration.

By stewarding existing resources, strengthening partnerships, and creating innovative programs both on the hospital campus and within the community, CPH hopes to make a positive impact on these identified needs.

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One Comment to “Community Health Needs Assessment Released by CPH”

  • Steve Wright says:

    7/16/13 No where in this article was the subject of HOSPITAL COSTS even discussed.
    Alaskan Hospitals have the Highest Costs of the Entire Nation. We the TaxPayers of the Central Peninsula have already PAID FOR Central Peninsula Hospital, Soldotna,AK.
    We have EARNED the Right to State Our Opinion about CPH.
    The Hospital CEO has stated in public that Our Hospital made over 13 Millor Dollars in Profits last year. The Hospital Cashier will award a 25% Discount on any Acct that Pays In Full with in the 1st 30 Days of the Billing
    THAT is PROOF that CPH Charges Too Much for Medical Procedures & Services.
    To get to the Point : Those Hospital Profits should be redirected to the Residents that PAID FOR Central Peninsula Hospital in the form of Discounts for Central Peninsula Residents.
    This seems to be a Taboo issue that can not be discussed in public. Not a single word about Hospital Costs ? SPW “Airborne”