Committee Recommends Increasing Pupil to Teacher Ratio

A budget review committee met yesterday to go through the local school district’s FY2015 budget. After pouring through hundreds of pages, Pegge Erkeneff said the committee put together a solution for the district’s $1.24 million deficit…


Erkeneff: “What we’re looking at is a potential increase in what we call our PTR, our pupil to teacher ratio, of 0.5. So that means, looking at what we have right now of enrollment, a reduction of about 8.5 full time teachers district-wide. We do have enough attrition from teachers who retire each year, who leave, that we don’t anticipate at all any teacher in good standing not having a position in the district next year.”


Erkeneff said the district typically hires 60-90 teachers each year, so the reduction won’t see teachers losing their jobs; there will simply be fewer hired next year.


Erkeneff: “Another portion of it was coming from district office staffing. Some of the other portions were around energy savings and our expenditures of utilities, as well as looking at supplies and some technology expenditures.”


The recommendations will be presented to the School Board at their December 2 meeting, where the Board will also decide the fate of Soldotna area high schools.

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