Commissioner Responds to Set Net Lawsuit

Commissioner of the ADF&G Cora Campbell today responded to a lawsuit, filed recently by the Cook Inlet Fisherman’s Fund.


We reported yesterday that the Cook Inlet Fisherman’s Fund have filed a lawsuit against the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for the way they’ve balanced local fisheries. The commercial fisheries group alleges ADF&G Commissioner Cora Cambpell had unfairly opened some groups, while keeping set netters closed.


Commissioner Campbell explaining that “since this matter is in litigation, our detailed response to the claims will be in the papers we file with the court.”


Campbell continued, “As you know, management of Upper Cook Inlet fisheries is very complex and ADF&G staff are making decisions daily based on the data available to us and the various guidelines in the Board’s regulations.  We are confident that our actions have been, and will continue to be, consistent with those regulations.  The fishery managers are doing a great job in challenging circumstances balancing our obligation to protect king salmon with the need to harvest sockeye.”


For more, read: Fisherman’s Fund Sues ADF&G For Fishing Hours.




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