Commercial Fishing Continuing to See Higher Mortality Rates

Commercial fishing still ranks among the nation’s deadliest occupations.

According to the latest from the Center of Disease Control’s weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report, commercial fishing saw a mortality rate nearly 35 times higher in 2011 than the rate for all US workers.

Workplace fatalities are measured by the number of deaths per 100,000 workers.  For the decade through 2009, 504 fishermen died on the job.

Over half died by drowning when their boat went down, and 30% from falling overboard. Another 10% were caused by injuries onboard, usually from entanglements in the winch, used for winding ropes.

Alaska’s salmon fishery ranked third deadliest fishery with 39 on the job deaths for the decade, Alaska cod came in fifth at 26 and the sole fisheries ranked 7th at 21 fatalities.

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