Comet ISON Passing Through and Gone Forever

If you happen to be up early, up high, and looking toward the southeast, there’s a spectacular sight in store this week. Chief Astronomer with the Challenger Learning Center James Klep said the comet ISON is best seen around 7:30am this week…


Klep: “As we get towards Thanksgiving, that’s going to be a lot more difficult, because it’s going to be getting closer to the sun, and it’s going to kind of whip around the sun on Thanksgiving, actually. So from now until Thanksgiving, you’re only really going to be able to see it if you can see the southeast sky at about 7:30-8:30.”


The comet ISON will likely reappear around December 15, if it survives its journey around the sun. Klep said it will be easier to see at that time, since it will be higher in the sky and appearing a little later, around 8:30 am.


For the best viewing…


Klep: “Have a good pair of binoculars, try to be far away from the city as best as you can, kind of a dark area. So for those that are in Kenai, might want to go some place between Kenai and Soldotna, although try to see the horizon, I think there is probably actually pretty impossible.”
Klep recommended finding a viewing point which is nice and high, to see over trees and other obstructions. For a guide on how to find the comet, he recommended googling “ISON viewing chart.”


This is one of the brightest comets which pass through our solar system, and after this final pass around the sun it will be leaving our solar system for ever.


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