Coin Collectors Win $1,000 in KSRM Pot of Gold

Darcy McCaughey is used to hearing her name pronounced in some creative ways, but she didn’t mind today when Darcy “McCogy” was announced as KSRM’s Pot of Gold winner…


McCaughey: “I had a friend last week and told me, he was poking fun, and said Darcy McCoogahey had won a $25 gift certificate, and I just got busy with my kids through the week and actually had forgot completely about it, didn’t call the station or stop by or anything to pick that up. And so they just called me this morning. We had some friends over and they called to congratulate me and pretty sure I freaked out.”


McCaughey and her husband Klay came to collect their $1,000 prize this afternoon…


McCaughey: “It is a huge, heavy stack of rolled gold coins, and it is heavier than it looks and I am so excited.”


Darcy said she’d like to use the money to do something fun with the kids, but Klay, an avid coin collector, had other ideas.

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