Closures to Early Run Kasilof Kings

The ADF&G released an Emergency Order today, closing the Kasilof River to retention of naturally-produced early run King Salmon. We spoke to Area Management Biologist Robert Begich…


Begich: “So for 2013, through June 30th, only hatchery fish will be allowed to be retained at the Kasilof River, and naturally-produced fish, those with the adipose fin will have to be returned back to the water. And the reason we’re doing this is that, since we moved into these low-production years for King Salmon throughout Cook Inlet, and including the Kasilof River since 2009, when the fishery is not restricted we have trouble meeting or do not make the escapement goals.”


Begich said these closures would also help return fish to the weir for future egg takes. He reiterated that early and late run Kings are two entirely separate fisheries, and these early closures don’t necessarily indicate anything for the popular summer fishery.

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