Clerk Clarifies: Kenai Mayor Still Undetermined

We’ve previously reported that there were 34 absentee ballots still to be counted in the race for Kenai Mayor, but Kenai City Clerk Sandra Modigh said the canvassing board will likely count closer to 100. In a race separated by only 32 votes, Modigh said the results are still undetermined…


Modigh: “There were 34 requests through the Clerk’s office for absentee by mail or by electronic transmission, and that’s where the number 34 came from. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we only have 34 ballots for our canvas board to review. We still have question ballots that were provided to individuals at each precinct on election day. We also have special need ballots, and we have absentee in-person that was conducted at City Hall and also the Borough offices.”


The canvassing board will meet next Tuesday. The exact number of outstanding ballots won’t be known until all the sealed envelopes are opened.

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