City of Soldotna to Improve Pedestrian Aspects of Soldotna Creek Park

The Soldotna City Council met last night, and one item before the council was an ordinance to transfer funds to be used for pedestrian upgrades to Soldotna Creek Park. Soldotna City Engineer Kyle Kornelis…


Kornelis: “Council appropriated some additional moneys for Soldotna Creek Park, some money that we’d set aside for facilitating the traffic signal at Birch St. and the Sterling Highway. The state is actually working on that project now, we’re fortunate to be able to apply those funds towards improvements at Soldotna Creek Park, such as a covered pavilion, some restrooms, and other pedestrian type accommodations.”   


We also asked Kornelis about the timeframe on this project


Kornelis: “This summer we’ll be in construction, there will certainly be a burden on some park users, we’re going to have to do our best to get it accomplished during our short construction season.”


The Council approved this ordinance unanimously.

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