City of Soldotna Taking Advantage of Currents for Fish Waste Management

The cities of Soldotna and Kenai are preparing for a busy fishing season again along the Kenai River. We spoke to Andrew Carmichael Director of the Soldotna Parks and Recreation department who said that as crews prepare to manage the fish waste along the river banks, the City of Soldotna has one thing to assist in the process when compared to their sister city…


Carmichael: “The tide I think, I think the tide makes it a challenge because they don’t have the current that we enjoy. The tide with the waves tend to push it back on to the beach and not draw it out, when  you’ve got a whatever current the Kenai River runs at, 5, 6, 8 knot, I don’t know what it ts, it takes a majority of our problem away. Whereas the tidal on the sloping beaches doesn’t seem to wash them away as well as the current does. 

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