City of Soldotna Still Looking for Businesses for Storefront Improvement Program

The City of Soldotna is continuing to invite businesses who would like participate in the city’s Storefront Improvement Program for 2013 to apply. We got details from Soldotna City Planner Stephanie Queen


Queen: “We’re now accepting new applications for business owners in the city that want to so some exterior renovations their business. If you’re in one of our commercial or limited commercial districts, you can apply for matching funds. The city’s got a program where we can assist you with some of the costs of those exterior renovations.”


Queen said that the city will continue to review applications as they are submitted…


Queen: We’ve got all the information on the city’s website, we’ve got the program guidelines and an application, so come to the city’s website and learn about the storefront program and how you can get involved.”


Click here for more information about the Storefront Improvement Program

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