City of Soldotna Continuing to Monitor Water Pipes with Cold Temps

We’ve reported this year that the city of Soldotna’s municipal utility department has asked city water users to begin running a small stream of water earlier this year than in previous years. We checked in with Rick Wood, Utility Division Director for the City about this issue..


Wood: “You know, it started out cold in October on us, and it continued all the way though the end of October and all the way into November, and we did put out notices to people in our billing cycle  to start running their water about a month earlier than we normally put the advertisement out for. We usually put that out in January, and because of the colder water we’ve experienced this year, we thought it would be a good idea to boost that up thirty days, and hopefully prevent peoples water services from freezing.”


We also asked if the city water mains or facilities have been at risk

Wood: “Right now we haven’t, we’ve taken some extra precautions to put some bleeders on fire hydrants, and I would like to bring that to everyone’s attention, if they do see water coming out of the ground near a fire hydrant, it is something that the city has taken some extra precautions on to keep the water moving though the mains to keep the mains from freezing, and hopefully won’t have any that freeze this year, and we have to dig up and ether repair or thaw out.”



Wood did ask those who are running a small stream, to keep the stream roughly the size of number two pencil lead to ease strain on the city water supply.

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