City of Soldotna Continuing To Look At Capital Projects For 2014

Wednesday night the City of Soldotna sat down with Rep. Kurt Olson to discuss some of Soldotna’s capital project plans as well as the money needed for those plans, 24 hours later the Governor’s budget proposal was released reveling a smaller than expected budget for the city.


We spoke to Soldotna City Engineer Kyle Kornelis about their meeting on Wednesday.


Kornelis: “We talked about the City’s legislative priorities for the upcoming state fiscal year, we talked about some of the upcoming high priority projects, the number one being our new roof at the sports center. Our Regional Sports Complex has a 30+ year old roof that is drastic need of replacement so that’s our number one priority and we also talked about a number of other priorities and expectations for the upcoming year from the legislature in terms of the capital budget so it was a good meeting and we were all very appreciative or Rep. Olson for attending.”


We asked Kornelis what the city plans to do to obtain the funding desired to move forward with the renovations and expansions of the Soldotna Regional Sports Complex.


Kornelis: “We’ll continue to work with our local delegation, we’ll continue to work with city council and our community to continue to get the public input on our projects and particularly the Sports Complex so we will continue work on our projects, continue to communicate with Juneau and hope that we can generate some interest to both expand the Sports Center and particularly fix the roof which I’m very interested in.” 

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