City of Soldotna Butting Heads with ADF&G Over River Access

The City of Soldotna is apparently not seeing eye to eye with officials in the Department of Fish and Game over where to fish in the Kenai River. Soldotna City Manager Mark Dixson…


Dixson: “We have a boat launch in which we put up signs no fishing allowed due to obvious fishing issues. Fish and Game, my understanding will be writing us a letter telling us we have no jurisdiction to regulate fishing in that area, which we agree that we do now, however we have tired to seek their cooperation in providing a safe place for people to fish. Evidently  they have taken the position that we have no right to close the boat launch area.”


We asked Dixson, if this push back from fish and game will change the way the city conducts its business


Dixson: “No, we are going to enforce that, it is our opinion that we have the ability to regulate the people who are using our park, and if people wish to use our park they’ll have to abide by our restrictions, our safety requirements. We don’t have any jurisdiction to stop any fisherman that may meander into that area from other parcels, however, we do believe we do have the right to regulate those patrons who wish to fish in our areas.”


Dixson did tell us that with few exceptions, anglers have responded positively to the city’s request. The City of Soldotna has prepared a proposal to address the issues for the January meeting of the Board of Fisheries.

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