City of Kenai to Look at Safety of Schools in City Limits

During last night’s meeting of the Kenai City Council, Kenai Mayor Pat Porter started the meeting with a moment of silence in honor of those lost in last week’s shooting in Newtown CT. During the meeting, Mayor Porter also proposed to the council that the city could take a look into the safety of the schools within the city…


Mayor Porter: “The city of Kenai has several schools within it’s city limits. It would be very good for our council to know the security that our borough, even though it’s their responsibility for security within the schools, I think it would be a good partnership if the city was informed to what that is, and what the issues might be. You never know, there may be a way that the city could help accommodate a little more security, or what ever they need. I just think it’s a prudent thing for us to do to understand the process that goes within the schools here.”


Porter suggested that the city administration, police, and Kenai City Council member and Kenai School Board Representative Tim Navarre be involved.

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