City of Kenai Requesting DNR Permission To Close Portions of South Beach

On March 19th, the Kenai City Council passed a resolution which seeks to make recommendations to the Department of Natural Resources to gain control of vehicular access to portions of the section line easement which feeds into the South Beach to the North of Dunes Road.


This comes after hearing testimony from many residents that live in the area, claiming that during the fishing season the influx of traffic is too much for the area to handle.


We spoke to Kenai City Manger Rick Koch who said they are in discussions with the DNR about this issue.


Koch: “I have had conversations with them to see where they are in response to the information I sent them. I know that Scott Blume has also been chatting with one of their legal folks there. I’m guardedly optimistic that we’re going to be able to control or eliminate access on that section line easement there but it’s not an assured thing yet.” 


Though Koch said even if they are granted that permission, changes would not likely be seen this year.


Koch: “This year may end up being a compromise and we’re trying to get money to build an alternative access road that’s to the north of all those affected private properties. If the legislature funds that appropriation and it passes by the Governor’s desk, you are certainly not going to be able to build a road from June 30, when the money is available, to July 10 when the fishery starts.” 

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