City of Kenai Passes No Wake Zone Ordinance

This week the Kenai City Council passed an ordinance authorizing the City Manager to implement a “No Wake Zone” for the Kenai Harbor.


Harbor Commission Liaison Bob Molloy told us what that would mean if it were to be put into effect.


Molloy: “They’re going to have to do signage for one thing, there will have to be information to the public but also signage if one is instituted at entry points for example at the City Dock and other places where people put boats in the river and then possibly a buoy in the river too.” 


He also commented on the changes for fishermen dictated by the Board of Fish that will be instituted this summer.


Molloy: “As a council member I was disappointed that they didn’t address issues that we had presented and also that some of the restrictions that they may put in place in their management plan are going to definitely, I think, harm the set net fishing industry and ya know our families and residents that participate in that.” 

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