City of Kenai Looks Back at ’13 Dipnet Fishery

The Kenai River Personal Use dipnet fishery closed last week. Friday morning, Kenai City Manager was a guest on KSRM’s “Sound Off,” and during the program, Koch was asked to wrap up the fishery from the perspective of the City of Kenai…


Koch: “You know, from the standpoint of what our tasks were, trying to maintain order, keep the beaches clean, minimize the level of chaos. I think we did a fairly decent job of that, and it’s always a matter of degree.”


Koch was also asked if the city had a headcount of those heading to the mouth of the Kenai River


Koch: “We have not tried to back into a number for that. What we track are transactions, and then we assume some number of folks per transaction. My gut feel is that on that busiest Saturday, we probably had twenty-thousand.”

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