City of Kenai Continuing to Discuss Impacts of Dipnet Fishery

As we previously reported, the Kenai City Council held its first Dipnet work session on Monday of this week. We spoke to Kenai City Manager Rick Koch, who said that the fishery is continuing to break records…


Koch: “This year was, by far, our largest year. I say that almost every year, but this year was that. We had challenges this year because of the fishery being open 24-hours a day from July 10th though July 31st. We had a lot more expenses that we driven by overtime and some temporary hires, if I remember right, I think we had $30,000 in the budget for pumping out houses, and we ended up spending $50,000 in three-weeks pumping temporary toilets.”


Koch also outlined the financial impact the fishery had on the city coffers…


Koch: “The numbers we up, costs were up, we didn’t increase the fees for parking, administration recommended that, council chose not to put that in effect. So this year, we’re going to end up probably loosing a little bit of money from the revenues that were collected for the fishery based on what our expenditures were.”


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