City of Kenai Celebrating Upgraded Park Saturday

Officials with the City of Kenai this Saturday, August 17th, will be holding a ribbon cutting event for the Kenai Municipal Park located off of  Forest Drive.


Mayor Porter: “Starts at the municipal park at the playground, we’re going to have a ribbon cutting ceremony and hope to involve children in that. If that’s something you want to have your child a part of, we’re going to have bubbles, and hot dogs, and a ribbon cutting, we’ll have face painting, and it all starts at 10:30 am.”


Kenai Mayior Pat Porter said that the city, in the past year, has undertaken a number of upgrades to the safety and usability of the park.


Mayor Porter: “A couple of new apparatus for an older group of children, which is one of those big climbing net things, that looks like a big nets that’s been put up. It’s extremely safe and one of the most popular pieces of playground equipment in the United States today, so we have that, and we have a huge new rock for kids to climb, there’s a bounce wall. We’ve cut off the parking lot so you can no longer drive all the way though, and the section that’s up front of the restrooms, has been dedicated for kids to put chalk on and color, and play hopscotch,  and ball games, and those kind of things there. New swing set, it will be fun.”

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