City of Kenai Awarded $80,000 for Bacteria Monitoring

The City of Kenai has been awarded a grant for $80,695 to monitor bacteria in the Kenai River. City Manager Rick Koch said the City will pass the funding along to the Kenai Watershed Forum so they can oversee the project.


Koch: “And they provide bacteria monitoring services for the Department of Environmental Conservation. Primarily around both sides and during the Personal Use fishery, and what they’ve been monitoring is a significant increase in enterococci and coliform bacteria levels during the fishery, because of the attraction for warm-blooded animals to fish waste.”


Koch said birds are the major cause of bacteria, since they’re attracted to the left over fish waste. What this grant will really do is…


Koch: “It’ll help support our future fish waste management solutions.”


According to grant documents, the project will monitor and test for bacteria at two locations at the mouth of the Kenai River (one site on the North Beach and one site on the South Beach) and at one upriver location near the Warren Ames Bridge (River Mile 5) to see if the beach management improvements have reduced the bacteria.

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