City of Kenai Advocating Alaskan Salmon to Wal-Mart

The Kenai City Council is joining with the Parnell administration to continue to advocate that Wal-Mart sell Alaskan salmon within their stores. We spoke to Kenai Mayor Pat Porter following the unanimous vote on the resolution urging the policy during Wednesday night’s council meeting.


Mayor Porter: “ The Wal-Mart Corporation main office had made the decision that they most likely would not be accepting Alaska salmon anymore to be sold in their stores, for a different set of reasons. So Governor Sean Parnell actually has taken on the fight with Wal-Mart to be able to accept our salmon. Because we have really high standards here, it’s not necessarily the standards they’ve set, but ours are actually higher.”


Porter did say that Wal-Mart appears to be changing their stance on carrying Alaskan salmon, however, the council found it prudent to back the Parnell Administration in sending the message to the retail giant.

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