City of Homer Working on Capital Improvement List

The Homer City Council and City Administration will be working this month to develop an updated capital improvement project list for the Southern Kenai Peninsula City. Homer City Manager Walt Wrede…


Wrede: ” Well, we’ve got a couple of projects, we were fortunate last year to get our top three addressed by the legislature. That’s why the CIP lists will probably going to have a new look this year. The things that you’ll find on the priority list are going to be different, there will be some new projects, we have a really big list called our Capital Improvement Plan, that describes all of the projects that we see happening over the next ten to fifteen years.”


Wrede also commented on some of the projects that are in the works


Wrede: “One was the fire station up on Skyline Drive, that is something that we’ve been working on for quite some time to provide better service to areas that are not served by fire hydrants, and they could be more than five-miles away from the fire station, so response times are a little slower up there, and there’s no fire hydrants so that means higher insurance rates and lower response times, so were trying to address that. We’ve also got a new Harbormaster’s office.


Work is also continuing at the Homer City Dock.

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