City Hesitant to Take Fish Proposal Stance

The Kenai City Council was split last night as they considered various Board of Fish proposals.


Written comments on the proposals are being taken until January 17, but some last night felt they weren’t qualified to take a position on the proposals. Councilman Mike Boyle disagreed, saying it’s time for the City to get involved…


Cm. Boyle: “Because of where we are, it’s our responsibility, plus it’s in our good interest to be involved in this whole process.”


City Manager Rick Koch summarized the 200+ proposals which may affect Kenai. Council members decided last night to bring forward resolutions at the January 15th meeting if they feel strongly about a particular proposal. We asked Boyle how he felt about the progress…


Boyle: “What the Council did tonight I think was get started involving ourselves, and for that reason, I’d be very pleased. Because it wasn’t an official meeting we couldn’t take any official action, which I think was an issue with some, but the process has been started. We stuck our foot through the door.”


Koch said he devoted the better part of a week to reading the proposals, and was surprised by the tone of some…


Koch: “It’s more of a personal observation, not one that necessarily reflects my having a city manager hat on, but there were some pretty severe proposals in there that were aimed at eliminating or severely restricting the use of the asset by certain groups.”


You can find Koch’s summary by clicking here.

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