City ‘Disappointed’ in ADF&G Decision to Dipnet 24 Hrs

The dipnet fishery is going to 24 hours-a-day, as of 11pm tonight. Kenai City Manager Rick Koch responded to the decision in an email to the Department, calling the decision “extremely disappointing,” given the Department knows the beach will be closed during extremely high tides, and the city needs several hours a night to conduct basic cleaning and maintenance.


Koch: “We need uninterrupted time that we don’t have to worry about conflicts with people and heavy equipment. So, you know, we took into consideration Fish & Game’s request that we not require fish to be removed whole from the beach, but now they’ve taken an action that is going to make it more difficult for us to undertake the management strategy that we selected.”


Koch said Fish & Game’s influence was one reason the City decided to opt for more extensive raking and dumpster maintenance.


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