City Council Farewells Daly, Welcomes Stroh

Posted: May 16, 2013 at 8:02 am

Unusually, Austin Daly has been the student representative to the Kenai City Council for two years. Last night was her final meeting with the Council, and their long-term relationship was confirmed as Council members applauded her community service and hinted at a future run for office.


Kenai Mayor Pat Porter commented on Ms. Daly’s growth…


Mayor Porter: “It is amazing how much she has grown in that position, who from hardly saying anything at all when she first was on the Council to now taking a very active part in the Council discussions, and it’s very interesting, because you get such a different perspective from a youth, where she’s actually looking around and seeing how you can make changes.”


Daly is now heading to Pacific Lutheran University, with dreams of being a U.N. Ambassador or interpreter, and said her time with the Council opened her eyes…


Daly: “It’s been a really great educational experience. I’ve been getting to know how the local government system works. It’s also been a really great opportunity to learn and get to know more individuals within the community.”


Her advice for incoming student representative, Courtney Stroh (of ROC the Kenai fame)…


Daly: “Don’t be afraid to speak up.”

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