City Council Farewells Daly, Welcomes Stroh

Unusually, Austin Daly has been the student representative to the Kenai City Council for two years. Last night was her final meeting with the Council, and their long-term relationship was confirmed as Council members applauded her community service and hinted at a future run for office.


Kenai Mayor Pat Porter commented on Ms. Daly’s growth…


Mayor Porter: “It is amazing how much she has grown in that position, who from hardly saying anything at all when she first was on the Council to now taking a very active part in the Council discussions, and it’s very interesting, because you get such a different perspective from a youth, where she’s actually looking around and seeing how you can make changes.”


Daly is now heading to Pacific Lutheran University, with dreams of being a U.N. Ambassador or interpreter, and said her time with the Council opened her eyes…


Daly: “It’s been a really great educational experience. I’ve been getting to know how the local government system works. It’s also been a really great opportunity to learn and get to know more individuals within the community.”


Her advice for incoming student representative, Courtney Stroh (of ROC the Kenai fame)…


Daly: “Don’t be afraid to speak up.”

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