City Considers Cleaning Up Dip Net Parking

We’ve previously reported that the city of Kenai is currently putting together the annual dip net fishery report. Overall, 2013 paints a much cleaner, kinder picture than the 2012 fishery.


The City is also considering how to spread the cost of the fishery, by no longer taking checks (which have a history of bouncing), implementing a PU fishery permit, and clamping down on certain parking.


City Manager Rick Koch said Old Town is a hot spot for fee dodgers…


Koch: “We’re going to kick around with the PU fishery whether or not we allow parking on the streets at all up there, to try and move some of that congestion out and have people go through our fee collection stations, so that they pay for the services that we provide; the cleaning the beaches, taking garbage away, using the restrooms. Those folks that walk down there still use those services.”

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