Citizens Group Advocating for Mail in Elections for Borough

Posted: May 6, 2013 at 12:00 pm

A group of citizens are working to start an initiative to change how the Kenai Peninsula Borough conducts its elections. Organizers Fred Sturman and James Price appeared on KSRM’s Sound Off this morning, Price wrote the initiative…


Price: “What we’re proposing is to change the method of voting in the borough, to vote by mail. We’ve got some terrible numbers as far as voter turnout, people aren’t showing up to vote. In the last assembly election, one of the candidates was elected with less than 3% of the total registered voters, I think that’s just terrible, and we need to do something to get people to participate and vote. They do this in Oregon, they do it in Washington, it’s an accepted practice. What we’re going to try do is get the borough to follow the absentee voting procedures to conduct a vote by mail election, and we’ll also add a ranked choice voting provision, it will eliminate the need for a run off election by having run off voting.”


Mr. Price also outlined the ranked voting aspect


Price: “The instructions to the voters for an election that uses ranked choice voting shall read substantially as follows. Rank the candidates in order of choice, to vote for a candidate, fill in the oval in the first choice column, in line with the candidate’s name.  You may rank alternate choices by filling in the oval in the second choice column in line with the name of the second choice, filling in the oval in the third choice in the  column in line with the name of the third choice, and so on. Do not give the same number ranking to more than one candidate, you may rank as many or as few of the candidates that you choose, up to the limit specified if any.”


The citizens group will be holding an informational this Thursday evening at 6:30pm at Sturman’s building on the Kenai Spur Highway across from Baileys in Soldotna.

Mr. Price can be reached at 776-3481, Sturman can be reached at 252-0100

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One Comment to “Citizens Group Advocating for Mail in Elections for Borough”

  • Randy Oefelein says:

    This is ludicrous. If you’re so a appalled at voter turnout then find another way to stimulate the base to show up for the vote. Mailing in votes is not the answer, and I personally think this will open the door to an increase in voter fraud. This may be the “accepted practice” in Oregon and Washington, but, stand by to copy… WE are not in Oregon or Washington, WE are in Alaska, and WE don’t care how they do it in the lower 48. Their lawmakers have screwed those places up nine ways to Sunday and we don’t need to follow in their footsteps. Just because “change” may seem inevitable (and required) for some folks, why try and fix a problem that’s not broken. Leave it be. Try some other way to increase the probability that a voter will show up and that will require more than us just wasting more taxpayer dollars on mailing out ballots to folks that they won’t likely use. If they didn’t show up to vote in person, there must be a reason they didn’t vote at all. I’d love to show for this meeting to represent my view on this, but I will be working and cannot attend, ergo my written plea for some sanity in this matter.