CIRI Moving Ahead

Installation of 11 new additional wind turbines on Fire Island has been announced by the native held Cook Inlet Region, Inc.


Last month CIRI began cleaning roads and pads for the installation and Suzanne Gibson, the native’s senior director for energy development told the Petroleum News that “We decided to go ahead and start construction of phase two because we can still qualify the project to the tax credit if we start this year and complete construction by 2015.”


The new wind turbines will double the existing 17.6 megawatts of generation capacity. CIRI originally permitted 33 turbine sites on Fire Island. The new project will cost around $50 million, with an Obama Energy Tax Credit of $15 million. The tax credit will reduce the cost of power from the wind farm by well over $40 per megawatt hour when sold to Chugach Electric.

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