Christmas Tree Cutting Now Available at Kenai Refuge

The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is opening for Christmas tree cutting tomorrow. We’ve previously spoken to Fire Management Officer Doug Newbould about the specifics…


Newbould: “You can take one tree, one Christmas tree per family using hand tools only, no chainsaws. You’re supposed to cut trees at least 150 feet away from refuge roads, trail-heads, campgrounds  picnic areas, etc, waterways. And we typically open the refuge from Thanksgiving to Christmas for the cutting of Christmas trees.”


Newbould said wherever there’s road access into the Refuge, you can cut a tree, so long as you’re 150 feet away from the road.


Newbould: “Basically, we ask people to cut the stump down as close to the ground as they possibly can, safely, so there isn’t a stub sticking up for somebody to trip over or fall on, and just to remove the tree. Pick one that’s the right size so they’re not lopping off the top of the tree or something like that.”

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