Chivalry is Dead After all

Think about it……2/12/2012


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and guys did you turn on the romance for you special someone? Too bad that concentrated effort to treat your lady as such only comes one day a year.


All too often, you witness men across the country letting those simple lessons taught to us from childhood fall by the wayside.


When was the last time you were just out running errands and didn’t open the door for a woman?


When was the last time that you pulled out your wife or girlfriends chair when going out to dinner?


Through out the long Alaskan winter, how many times did the lady in your life have help putting her coat on?


As I sit here listing these actions, and seeing it not happen with others when I’m out on the town, I can admit that I fall short of these more often that I’d like to admit. It would be easy to sit here and blame it on changing times, or to try to use the equal rights argument. InAlaska, the prevalence ofNorth Slopejobs and the half on half off effects on a relationship could also be used to justify the lack of these actions, but that’s not the case. I can say that I’m home 7-days a week but still fall short when especially when opening doors, pulling out chairs, and helping with my wife’s coat.


Has life taken such a fast pace that it’s an inconvenience to take the extra second to do something for someone who does so much for you?


But can one night with a nice dinner, flowers, and a box of chocolates do enough to make up for a year of being an oaf?


Let me propose right now that this year, everyday should have that concentrated effort to show how much you care.


That of course will not become a habit over night, but if you make it a goal to open the door one more time a week, or help with her coat just one more moment, it will snowball.


If this effort is taken, soon trying to find one extra time will lead to more and more, so by the time that next February rolls around, opening the door for your special someone as you go out for dinner won’t be met with surprised look on her face. Plus it’s just the right thing to do.


Think about it.  AMR 2/12/2012

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