Chenaut: What’s Next with HB4 Passing?

The Legislature before adjourning this week, passed House Bill 4, legislation to forward an instate natural gas pipeline project though the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation. The legislation was sponsored by State House Speaker Mike Chenault and Anchorage Representative Mike Hawker.  We spoke the Chenault, who’s back in the district, about what’s next for this project…


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “It allows them the time to finish engineering the project, they’ve already got the permits for most of the rights of way, both federal and state rights of way. So they are actually getting things done, that no one else has right now, no one else has rights of way, no one else has put in an E.I. S. for the route itself. What they are doing is getting to a complete project that they can lay on the table, and your buyers and sellers can get together and they determine whether or not they want to to buy gas or whether sell gas, if they can come to that conclusion, and put together a deal, then that is how you pay for the actual pipeline itself.”

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