Chenault: No One Size Fits All Fix for AK Energy Needs

As we reported, the State House passed House Bill 4 late Monday night. HB4, sponsored by State House Speaker Mike Chenault and Rep. Mike Hawker advances an instate natural gas pipeline project though the Alaska Gasline Development Cooperation. During a floor speech, the Niksiki Republican noted that there is no one size fits all fix for energy needs in the state…


Spearker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “My dad always told me that if you never get started, you never gonna finished. We’re good here in the legislature, and I talked about it a little bit up in finance, we’re real good here in the legislature about talking about all the great things we’d that like to accomplish, and the great things we’d like to do. But sometimes we’re just not very good about getting them done. And so, we talked about a number of amendments today, and there’s things that I’ve set around and though about how do we move forward. But what I can tell you Mr. Speaker, is that as smart as all of us are in this room, we’re not bright enough. We’re not bright enough to build a pipeline, or we already would have done it.”


HB4 is now being heard in the State Senate.

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