Chenault: Market Will Determine Where Gas Pipeline Goes

The House Resource Committee has advanced House Bill 4, House Speaker Mike Chenault’s legislation to advance an instate natural gas project through the Alaska Gasline Development Cooperation. We spoke to the Nikiski Republican today, who addressed some recently publicized concerns over where the proposed project would terminate…


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “What we’re looking at in House Bill 4, is a pipeline project, we’ve tasked the AGDC (the Alaska Gasline Development Cooperation) with pipeline from the Prudhoe Bay to South-central. That project does not say go to Kenai it doesn’t say it goes to Valdez. What I can tell you is I can want that thing to go where ever, but, the determination of where that gas is going to go or where that pipleine eventually ends at, will not be me, it won’t be the legislature, what it will be, is it will be the buyers of that gas that are willing to make a commitment for the next thirty-years to pay for that project. They will make the determination of where that gas goes.”


HB 4 has been referred to the House Finance Committee

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