Chenault Examining TransCanada and the Future of LNG

Before the Legislature can go home this April, the House needs to make some major decisions on the operating budget and the LNG pipeline.


Nikiski’s Speaker of the House Mike Chenault said he’s been carefully reviewing the LNG bill…


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “In the future, you’ve got TransCanada out there and we’ve got AGDC out there and how do they mesh and how do they meld together at some point in time to be Alaska’s corporation? A number of issues, most being in the financing and just the future and what that’s going to look like and trying to get a clear picture in my mind of how that works.”


TransCanada would provide the up front financing for the pipeline, holding Alaska’s equity in the project, while AGDC would represent the state directly. Chenault said TransCanada has lots of experience with northern pipelines, but he wants to be sure the long-term agreements are made carefully.

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