Chenault Examining TransCanada and the Future of LNG

Posted: March 21, 2014 at 12:20 pm

Before the Legislature can go home this April, the House needs to make some major decisions on the operating budget and the LNG pipeline.


Nikiski’s Speaker of the House Mike Chenault said he’s been carefully reviewing the LNG bill…


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “In the future, you’ve got TransCanada out there and we’ve got AGDC out there and how do they mesh and how do they meld together at some point in time to be Alaska’s corporation? A number of issues, most being in the financing and just the future and what that’s going to look like and trying to get a clear picture in my mind of how that works.”


TransCanada would provide the up front financing for the pipeline, holding Alaska’s equity in the project, while AGDC would represent the state directly. Chenault said TransCanada has lots of experience with northern pipelines, but he wants to be sure the long-term agreements are made carefully.

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5 Comments to “Chenault Examining TransCanada and the Future of LNG”

  • Steve Wright says:

    Friday 3/21/14 Mr Chenault also agreed that there is a sincere Need to Increase the Number of Ak State Troopers Detachment E in Soldotna.

    Currently there are 16 Troopers assigned there BUT only 8 are available for Patrol Duty.

    I believe that number should be increase to 32 Ak State Troopers & have made that request many many times. SPW

  • gary says:

    Oh, there’s this out there, there’s that out there, how will they meld, how will they mesh? Oh, the future.

    Oh the humanity.

    Ok, now that the show of concern has been performed, it’s time to get down to brass tacks.

    Chenault wants to make sure the ‘agreements’ are made. Despite the show, Chenault is on board the Parnell train. He just said he wants to make sure the agreements are made carefully. Careful, as in he wants to make sure he hedges his position to protect himself from blowback when the scheme blows up and Alaska is left holding the bag.

    For Alaskans, what’s the hurry? Parnell commissioned studies that are reported to show significant risk to Alaska with these TransCanada LNG schemes and Parnell won’t release the studies. We know who Parnell works for, he just doesn’t want you to remember that when he’s concocting his schemes to give more billions to his donors.

    Maybe Chenault can make sure the reports detailing the risks to Alaska are released to the public so the public can decide if they think this is such a great idea?

    Maybe Chenault could protect Alaskans from unnecessary risks by not signing more bad deals with TransCanada.?

    Aaaach, what was I thinking? It’s Chenault, and it’s oil corporations, we’ve seen this play out before.

    TransCanada is about to get some more profits, and Alaska will pay dearly.

  • Steven Chamberlain says:

    Right on, Gary!

  • Steve Wright says:

    Speaking of TransCanada. What ever Happened to that $500 Million Dollar Payment to TransCanada ? Anyone got a answer to that question ?

  • Ed M says:

    Babul… Mike doesn’t know crap he’s being lead by his nose! Alaska doesn’t need to be represented by anyone …it is sovereign and it owns the resources Trans Canada needs to get payed off if Alaska owes they something… which it shouldn’t because they never built anything to get our Natural Gas to market… Alaska should be just an % of ownership of the future pipeline if the legislature & the governor agrees…it’s that simple…NO Partner Corporation with nobody!!!