Chenault Continues to Warn for Less Capital Spending

Both chambers of the state legislature are currently hearing the state’s capital and operating budget. We recently spoke to State House Speaker Mike Chenault who continued to warn for lower levels of state capital spending…


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “I will tell you, it’s not going to be as big as it has been. As you, and others may well know, our revenue stream is not as big as it has been in the past few years and, you know, we need to look at all the money that we’re spending, and try to control that to make sure that one, we’re responsible, and two, that we can move that money as far out as we can to make sure that we don’t run out of it.”


As we’ve reported, the State House has released their proposed operating budget, which is 2% lower than the governor’s proposal.

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