Chenault: Budget Efficiency to be Focus of State Lawmakers

The dominant topic in Juneau this year was oil tax reform and instate energy. As state lawmakers returned home, many began to look to the next half of the 28th legislative session. We spoke to State House Speaker Mike Chenault who said that controlling the growth of budgets will be on the minds of many state lawmakers.


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “We did work on the operating budget this year, there were some cuts made from the House’s version of the budget to the Governor’s, and then naturally, the compromise come out when the Senate puts out their version of the budget. Those are the thing we’re going to be looking at. We also passed House Bill 30, which is a state agency performance reviews, what will happen there, there will be an audit team put together to go through each department over the next 10-years and look at how they operate, how they’re spending their money, what programs they have, which programs may be outdated, and may not be doing job that the legislature tasked them to do.”


The Nikiski Republican said that this will be a major benefit to legislators


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “And giving back that information back to the legislature so that during that 90-day session, we can go though and look and see what changes we may want to make to those programs, and hopefully that will help control some of those operating dollars in the budget.”

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