Chenault Applauds Parnell Signing Pro-Firearm Bills Into Law

Governor Sean Parnell signed two-pieces of legislation penned by State House Speaker Mike Chenault of Nikiski into law yesterday in the Mat-Su valley.

Parnell signed House Bill 69 and House Joint Resolution 12 into law during an event at the Mat-Su Valley Shooting Range.

HB 69 amends the Alaska Firearm Freedom Act to protect all guns in Alaska at the time of the law’s enactment from changes in federal gun laws, instead of just those made in Alaska.

A copy of HJR 12 was sent to firearm and accessory manufacturers, urging them to relocate their businesses to Alaska in the wake of the Lower 48’s trend toward restricting 2nd Amendment rights.


The three-time State Speaker told us yesterday that the legislature sent a pretty strong message with the passage of these bills, and it’s one that the state re-enforced yesterday.

The Nikiski Republican said that Alaskans will not stand for federal bureaucrats, Congress, or the President trying to take away their 2nd Amendment rights. He said that his office found some common ground with the state departments, the NRA, and fellow legislators and put a pretty straight-forward law on the books: if you own a gun in Alaska today, it is exempt from restrictive or unconstitutional laws and orders thrown at us by Washington, D.C.


Cheanult is also hopeful that businesses will take notice, and take to heart the message in HJR 12 that Alaska is open for business. There is a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers to move here, with our stable business climate, heritage, and wealth and breadth of outdoor opportunities.

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