Chenault Answers Eminent Domain Concern

Nikiski homeowners have been waiting further developments in the Alaska LNG Project. The Big 3 oil companies, along with TransCanada and the State of Alaska, are preparing to build a $45-$65 billion project in their backyard.


The Project has varied in the number of property owners they say they’ve contacted; anywhere from 100 to 300 families have been asked if they would sell their land to make way for the pipeline. The Project is offering slightly over Borough appraised value, but with Borough Mayor Mike Navarre recently saying appraisals may be too far below fair market value, some property owners have expressed frustration with the offers.


If land owners choose not to sell, there is a concern the State may absorb their property for the greater good, under a State Statute known as “eminent domain.” Speaker Chenault this morning answered a question about the Alaska Gasline Development Board having the authority to take land…


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “AGDC has no more power of eminent domain than the State currently has. They have no more power than the State currently has under the eminent domain statute. So they can’t just walk in and take your property and tell you “Goodbye Bill.” They’ve got to go through the whole process of eminent domain, and House Bill 4, when it was passed last year, gives them no more authority and no more power than what the State currently has.”


We previously asked the Project’s official spokesman Steve Butt if they would consider using the Eminent Domain provision…


Butt: “Well, eminent domain, it’s a little early for that. We’re probably not at a place where we want to think about that sort of thing.”

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