Changes With This Years “Fill the Boot” Program

With all the recent pre-winter rush of road construction going on, this years “Fill The Boot” program is making some changes.   We spoke with Central Emergency Services Chief Chris Mokracek about those changes.


Mokracek: “Well this year there’s been a lot of highway construction especially at the intersection at the Spur and Sterling Highway which is normally where we setup our operation for the weekend. With all the curb construction we just weren’t going to add to the curb construction we just weren’t going to add to the congestion and it becomes a safety issue with our fire fighters and also with the public.”


Mokracek explains the details of how the boots will be filled this year.


Mokracek: “What we’re going to do this year is kind of scale back and instead of just a two day campaign we’re going to look at a month long thing for the month of September, we’ll probably have boots available at different merchants throughout the city and more of a passive collection this year than out at the intersection.”


We will have a list of those merchants that will have boots available when the campaign begins.

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