Changes to Streams Ordinance to be Discussed Tonight

Tonight, the Borough administration’s anadromous stream protection task force will meet to discuss potential amendments to their proposed changes to the borough’s controversial anadromous stream protection ordinance.

During the task force process, Assembly member Kelly Wolf, has spearheaded efforts to repeal the ordinance at the assembly level which will have a public hearing on  June 18th.

During our conversaitons with  Borough Chief of Staff and task force facilitator Paul Ostrander, we asked what are the differences between the current task force proposal and the ordinance introduced by Mr. Wolf


Ostrander: “If you look at the amendment that the task force has taken out the the town hall meetings, and compare that to the Kelly Wolf ordinance, the biggest, significant difference, of course is that the Wolf ordinance repeals [KPB ordinance] 2011-12, and doesn’t have anything there that looks to reincorporate waters in. Where the amendment that the task force has, it removes much of the language from [KPB ordinance] 2011-12, then it add language that looks to bring in additional water, but with different provisions than the original [KPB ordinance] 2011-12 did.”



Tonight’s meeting will begin at 6:00pm at the Borough Assembly Chambers.


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