Member Says ‘Change the Assembly to Change Anadromous Streams’

Posted: July 15, 2013 at 7:00 pm

The Anadromous Streams Habitat Protection Ordinance has passed, but the issue isn’t over for Borough Assembly Member Kelly Wolf. Wolf said his greatest concern is how the ordinance will change neighborhood dynamics…


Asm. Wolf(K-Beach): “We don’t have the tax base to enforce it. We don’t have the ability, and even at the own admission of the administration, it is going to pit neighbor against neighbor, because it is going to require neighbors turn in neighbors. And that is going to create division.”


Wolf said he’s still considering his response to the passage of the ordinance, and had this advice for unhappy land owners…


Asm. Wolf(K-Beach): “First off, what I think needs to happen and very clearly, is I think the public needs to show up at the ballots, the ballot boxes in October, and faces need to change on the Assembly.”

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One Comment to “Member Says ‘Change the Assembly to Change Anadromous Streams’”

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Very true Kelly….It needs to happen based on several issues like Hospital ownership , financings of large Corps like Enstar and Non profits. If the same 6 stay their next attack more than likely will be on personal privacy! They don’t respect our National and State Constitutions.