Chamberlain Won’t Give Up

Nikiski resident and Borough Assembly candidate Steve Chamberlain hosted a public forum on Monday at his restaurant, Charlie’s Pizza, to discuss the AIMM Monofill andtThe Arness Septage site.


Though with lower attendance numbers than expected, Chamberlain was satisfied, he had this response when asked about the turnout.



Chamberlain: “It was really good, it was a small group you know they’re people who are politically motivated or politically active people in our community, you know the little didn’t show up the people that live here in the community, many of them didn’t come, some of them came from Kasilof and Kenai. Mike Chenault attended the meeting and signed our petition, we have a petition calling for a public hearing with the DEC.”


We asked Chamberlain what issues were covered at the meeting.



Chamberlain: “I covered more than the AIMM Monofill and the Arness Septage, I did branch out and I explained the Arness Septage is the tip of the iceberg. The contamination issues are way bigger than that it really is, its the most documented and probably the worst site in Nikiski but compared to the number of them, it really is the tip of the iceberg.”


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