Chamberlain Rebuts Testing Results

As we’ve recently reported, results from water testing conducted at a controversial Nikiski site are in. The results? Peter Campbell with the Department of Environmental Conservation…


Campbell: “Consistent with historical results. About ten times below our drinking water clean-up criteria. 12 parts per billion I think is the level, between 10 and 12 parts per billion.”


However, Nikiski resident and Kenai Peninsula Borough candidate Steve Chamberlain said he doesn’t believe the numbers…


Chamberlain: “They’re telling us that its 10 or 12 ppb (parts per billion) still, that’s what it’s been over the years its pretty standard whenever they test it that’s what its running, but that’s still above drinking water standards. Do the people of Nikiski still want to be drinking this water? I don’t think so, if nobody is going to fight for this then go ahead drink the water but these levels are unacceptable.”


Having seen the results, Chamberlain said there could be alternate explanations…


Chamberlain: “They tested the water on July 3rd I believe, and at that point we hadn’t had rain in close to 5 weeks, and that changes things. Without an influx of water, there’s not enough water to cause a plume or to move the contaminants.”


The testing was conducted in late August.

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