Chamberlain Makes Another Request For Testing

Following several previous debacles with the Department of Environmental Conservation,  Steve Chamberlain owner of Charlie’s Pizza in Nikiski is requesting more testing be done at the AIMM Technologies Monofill Site.


Chamberlain has requested a formal meeting with the DEC to ask for more thorough testing.


Chamberlain: “We want to be able to ask them the questions on the record that’s what this hearing would do, it would all be on the record it would all be usable against each other, if it had to be”.


Chamberlain explains why he feels more testing needs done.


Chamberlain: “The test wells on the AIMM property are not deep enough to detect the chlorinated solvents that are %32 heavier than water, they would be on the bottom of the aquifer and they’re not deep enough to detect them”. 

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