Challengers Step Up For Assembly Seats

Borough Assembly races starting heating up last night as last-minute entrants filed their paperwork right before the August 15th deadline.



Wayne Ogle and Steve Chamberlain are now vying for the seat representing Nikiski. Both have been issue-driven candidates, Ogle was heavily involved in the Anadromous Habitat Protection Ordinance, and says he’ll be focusing on finances…


Ogle: “I think the main thing as far as the Assembly’s concerned is making sure we’re fiscally responsible. Every time an ordinance comes up that costs money, we should be asking the question, ‘Is this a legitimate function of the Assembly? Can we afford it? Are there other alternatives?’ and that kind of thing.”


Chamberlain has been an advocate for public water in Nikiski, with fears contamination may be present in the groundwater…


Chamberlain: “I think the first thing I’d want to do is make sure the Borough doesn’t allow any gravel pits near any active contamination sites. There’s an active contaminated site and just in the last couple months the Borough allowed a gravel pit to open on the property right next door, and I think it’s just unethical and dangerous activities that come from our planning department, so I’d just want to get in there and on the record get the truth out.”


The central seat, currently held by Brent Johnson, is also now challenged by Travis C. Swanson and Damon J. Yerly. We’ll continue to follow the candidates up until ballots are cast October 1.

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