Candidate Joins Race For Kenai City Council

A third candidate has stepped into the ring for the two open Kenai City Council seats.



So far, incumbents Terry Bookey and Brian Gabriel have filed to appear on the October 1 ballot…


Gabriel: “Well, as a fiscal conservative, I definitely want to keep our tax rate low and still provide a high level of service. I think that is one of the main reasons I ran three years ago and that continues to be one of the main reasons I’m going to run again.”


To hear from Terry Bookey, visit: Bookey to Seek Second Term on Council.


Kenai resident Mark Schrag also entered the race, filing just before the closing deadline yesterday…


Schrag: “I’ve been there over the Comprehensive Plan. Over the years, I’ve been in front of them a lot, particularly with zoning issues, different councils, and I just feel like the residential interests aren’t very well represented some times.”


Schrag was a main advocate for the ballot proposition to repeal the new Kenai Comprehensive Plan. The proposition will also feature on the October 1st ballot.

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