Candidate Joins Race For Kenai City Council

Posted: August 16, 2013 at 6:06 pm

A third candidate has stepped into the ring for the two open Kenai City Council seats.



So far, incumbents Terry Bookey and Brian Gabriel have filed to appear on the October 1 ballot…


Gabriel: “Well, as a fiscal conservative, I definitely want to keep our tax rate low and still provide a high level of service. I think that is one of the main reasons I ran three years ago and that continues to be one of the main reasons I’m going to run again.”


To hear from Terry Bookey, visit: Bookey to Seek Second Term on Council.


Kenai resident Mark Schrag also entered the race, filing just before the closing deadline yesterday…


Schrag: “I’ve been there over the Comprehensive Plan. Over the years, I’ve been in front of them a lot, particularly with zoning issues, different councils, and I just feel like the residential interests aren’t very well represented some times.”


Schrag was a main advocate for the ballot proposition to repeal the new Kenai Comprehensive Plan. The proposition will also feature on the October 1st ballot.

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One Comment to “Candidate Joins Race For Kenai City Council”

  • Ed says:

    Gabriel is not a fiscal conservative or any conservative at all if he thinks that forcing a local developer to pay he’s ransom to build roads in the city that the manager has stated the city will not maintain!! He does not deserve to be reelected period. He’s just a” yes man” for the Mayor and the Corrupt Manager.