Challenger Learning Center Set for $15,500 in Upgrades

The Challenger Learning Center boasts some unique technology, and they’re now preparing for $15,500 in upgrades, thanks to a grant from the¬†Rasmuson Foundation. We spoke to Marnie Wolcott with the Kenai Challenger Learning Center…


Wolcott: “That will enable us to do technology upgrades in our Aurora Borealis room, which is the main facility rental space that the community uses. It will allow us to upgrade all of the projectors to interactive projectors, there’s four overheads located in that room. It allows us to upgrade the sound system, which is already in place. So the sound system prior was really inadequate.”


Wolcott emphasized that the Center doesn’t receive any dedicated funding for operations…


Wolcott: “We rely quite heavily on facility rentals from the local community to support our educational efforts and if our facilities are not up to speed with what the community’s needs are for conducting meetings and weddings and community events, then we will not be able to sustain that revenue stream.”


The Center also recently received a NASA grant, for a specific climate change program.

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